Society Challenge

This year RAG really want to get engaged with societies, therefore we’re introducing the societies challenge. As part of this societies become RAG affiliated. To become part of this societies need only to join the RAG mailing list and hold at least one charity fundraiser throughout the year. This does not mean the society has to run an event, but they must raise money for charity in some way. This money could be raised by a raffle, a sponsorship event or just by having RAG along to fundraise at a society’s own event.

So why bother?
Well, firstly societies are able to advertise their affiliation as a RAG society. Societies will also get a special mention in RAG advertising, as well as publicity for any events involving RAG. For any fundraising activity societies will also gain access to RAG support, resources and volunteers. Finally, all societies will become part of the Societies Challenge, which will see societies in their own league table with the highest raising societies gaining awards in recognition of their efforts at the end of the year. Not to mention the fact that every society that fundraises for charity will receive a certificate from RAG for their efforts. To see the league tables click here.


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